Sportskeeda: The Salt Lake Stadium, its stunning renovations and personal impressions

The four-year-old AstroTurf was overhauled, the underlying ground which was dug up to 400 mm was shaped like a turtle-back and after laying the 100 mm aggregate drainage bed comprising perforated pipes, it was topped with 300 mm of sand mixed with organic fertilizer to prepare the foundation for the majestic pitch woven with Bermuda Riviera grass imported from the US.

Sports Turf & Golf Enterprises, the company entrusted with the transformation has ensured that the resulting turf confirms to the FIFA standards. The new sward registers a Clegg Hammer reading of between 80 and 120 gravities for compaction as opposed to 180-200 gravities for AstroTurf.

It simply means that the ground will be more merciful on the player’s knees, ankles, hips and spinal column and will be more compassionate on overall playing comfort. The grass-length which generally should be within the 20-30 mm range and sheared to be about 24-25 mm for SL stadium will have a 30 – 40% ball-bounce rate with a 45-60° ball rebound angle and a ball-roll value of 7 to 8 meters.

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